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The Uganda Peace Foundation Initiative (UPFI) is non-partisan, non-religious and not-for profit making organization committed to fostering a better understanding of a culture of peace, positive and proactive change towards the creation of a more non-violent and resilience communities in Northern Uganda in general. Because of the more than two decades of armed conflicts, UPFI engages the communities in social rehabilitation and reconstruction. In the fulfillment of children's right based on principles enshrined in international human rights instruments such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), under Child Protection project, UPFI specifically focuses on protection and care of children affected by armed conflict and psychological recovery and social reintegration of war child victims.

We All Desire PEACE!


Of the displaced persons due to war and violence conflicts, 80 percent are women and children. The number of children displaced by the war in Northern Uganda alone for the past 20 years is 300,000,"

 However, in Acholiland (comprising of Kitgum, Gulu and Pader Districts), the area most impacted by the armed conflict, where over 90 percent of the population have been displaced, the situation is quite different. While some people are now leaving the camps, Most Acholis remain in desperately overcrowded camps with sub-standard services and without access to adequate basic services. Acute problems in the camps include pervasive Sexual Gender-Based Violence(SGBV), fires that damage homes, and poor access to proper water and sanitation services, which resulted in a recent cholera outbreak
 Despite improvements in security and an unprecedented opportunity to resolve the 20-year conflict in northern Uganda peacefully, the humanitarian situation for over 1.7 million internally displaced people (IDPs) remains difficult. And it is critical that immediate humanitarian and protection needs remain a to priority.

Your support could yield real hopes for peace in Uganda and Northern Uganda