UPFI works for the vulnerable communities in Kitgum district including children who are never involved in armed conflict. UPFI believes that all people in communities should be protected from armed conflict and should be enabled to meaningfully participate in issues concerning them. UPFI knows that children especially, should be supported to enjoy their right to healthy psychosocial development and live a dignified life. It is crucial that children and young people are professionally supported in overcoming the effects of armed conflict on their psychosocial development.

The organisation’s focused interventions are towards promoting community dialogues and reconciliation, conflict transformation/resolution, community empowerment, rehabilitation and reintegration. To realize our mandate, we implement, either directly or together with our partners, programmes that protect and empower people socially and economically in communities including children. Creative community based interventions and conflict transformation programmes have become our core operation over the years. More recently, we have successfully included programmes focusing on activities such as formal education and livelihoods.

UPFI’s approach will subsequently look at sustain peace and development in practice, research, networking and advocacy in four cross cutting thematic areas that include children and gender rights, livelihoods and community development as a match to the needs of communities at the grass roots.

UPFI is a member of the Global Alliance for Departments/Ministries of Peace, this is a new global movement committed to calls for establishment of departments/Ministry for peace in governments around the world. Organizations and Countries with already established advocacy campaigns include: