The Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace is a coalition of grassroots activists and government and civil society organisations in countries around the world who are working for the establishment and support of ministries and departments of peace (or other such governmental structurs) that will partner with civil society to reflect and promote a culture of peace. People from civil society and/or governmental structures in the following 23 countries currently participate in the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace, and enquiries from and contact with several others in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America indicate potential for significant expansion:
Australia* India* Netherlands Spain*
Cameroon Israel* New Zeland Sri lanka
Canada* Italy* Palestine Uganda*
Congo Japan* Philippines* United Kingdom
Costa Rica* Liberia Romania USA*
France Nepal* Soloman Islands*  

* Countries with movements currently active or in formation for a ministry or department of peace, or similar governmental structure and/or who already have such structures, such as Philippines and the soloman Islands.

The mission of The Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace is to enable and facilitate the capacity of it members to share and provide resources, encouragement and support for existing and new national campaigns for Ministries and Departments for Peace around the world that would reflect and support the emergence of a global culture of peace.

To accomplish this mission, we identify the following stratigic directions:

  • To develope and disseminate informational resources to support country campaigns, such as for example, lists of qualified and experienced peaceworkers and trainers.
  • To encourage and support country campaigns through, for example, summits, training, consulting, website and other means for communicating and information sharing.
  • To raise global public awareness about ministries and departments for peace by, for example, issuing statements and taking actions regarding issues of the day that would demonstrate what they could do to bring about a culture of peace in the world.