The impacts of a protracted this civil war and the HIV/AIDS epidemic further have had a dramatic effect on the rural communities in Kitgum, particularly the surviving woman, many of whom have lost their husbands to war and have been left without livelihood opportunities. Low income and social status, lack of education and traditional gender roles and responsibilities, and disparity in social and economic development are additional key aggravating factors. These widows and HIV/AIDS victims have become more vulnerable to ill health, and lack the basics to survive, take care of family members and yet they are responsible for household food production.

 UPFI is supporting women groups in Kitgum with seed grants to engage in Beekeeping activities. It is an excellent entry-level industry that can be started with minimal equipment or training. It can be carried out by any member of a family and is particularly beneficial for women-headed households. Already 75 women from 3 groups in Amida sub-countyand Kitgum Town council is with over 150 beehives have been established. Beekeeping will not only provide direct income to project beneficiaries and wider communities but it will be used as a focus for the promotion and advocating of the rights of women.

UPFI plan to expand this project to others in Kitgum and establish micro-credit and saving schemes through the use of the revolving fund principle, from income obtained from the sales of the products (honey, wax, pollen, etc) reinvested by the community.

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