Uganda Peace Foundation shall erect peace poles throughout the Country with a dedication to uplift humankind toward harmony rather than conflict. War begins with thoughts of war... peace begins with thoughts of peace. The Peace Pole reminds us to keep peace ever present in our thoughts. Peace Poles are hand crafted monuments erected the world over(currently in 180 Countries) as an international symbol of peace. Their purpose is to spread the message, MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH, MAY PEACE PREVAIL IN UGANDA written in different community languages in respect to where the poles are installed and act as a constant reminder for People to visualize and pray for world peace. Peace Poles act as a focal point for a community to come together and talk about peace.

"Think about how would you feel to know that Uganda is the modelled peace countries within the great Lakes region..?"

Your actions today count for the future tomorrow.

Peace PostPeace PostThese Peace Poles will then be planted strategic places in the cities, villages, squares, hospitals, city halls/parliament, corporations, schools, churches and temples, restaurants, private yards, offices and even private homes. However, choosing a prominent place to plant our Peace Pole is a special part of the process. Aware that one alone cannot build peace, together we should mobilize individuals, communities, districts and all regions of the country for conflict prevention through such an activity as awareness is created which builds fertile grounds for non-violence.

Also, aware of the major resources at our disposal but confident that the contribution, the Peace Poles shall bring forth, we can make the stone roll towards a non-violent era with this new development.

With funding contributed from friends in Tokyo Japan, UPFI made 15 peace poles and all of these poles are planted in Kitgum Town Council.

Stay tuned for peace Pole planting in Uganda

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