UPFI goal is to empower children and other young people in war-affected areas through community-based programs, which strengthen their psychological and social development. In line with Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) policy of the Ugandan government, there is a need to create a more protective environment and establish and/or strengthen mechanism in the community to protect disadvantaged children and youth from becoming become idle, addiction to drug addicted, engaging in risky sexual behavior which include prostitution and under aged sex making them prone to sexual diseases, early child pregnancy and school drop out.

This in order to further protect children from the above social problems and also to prevent other vulnerable children to migrate to town, UPFI has proposed project seeks to establish a protective environment and empower the community to take up their role in protecting children. The project will improve protection of children from abuse, exploitation, and negligence. This will be done through proper follow up activities designed to execute and address child protection cases, securing safe accommodation for children from vulnerable households by supporting a community approach to shelter children, strengthening public awareness on the risks of chilled abuse and through advocacy on child protection and family unity.

UPFI have drawn a 10 years plan to assist war and OVC, under “restore hope to kids in despair project” with the goal that they will develop self confidence, self respect and hope for the future.

 Educational activities focus primarily on basic/primary education, which forms the foundation of an individual’s ability to survive, and to participate in and contribute to their family, community and society. Most activities focus on youth who have missed out on education and are related to non-formal education and life skills training. UPFI provides support informs of educational materials and tuition fees to OVC to enhance learning and reduce school drop-outs, also through our partner organizations. Over 200 registered war affected children are already benefiting from this project in counties of Akwang and Amida in Kitgum. UPFI is supporting them with scholastic materials and school uniforms for beneficiaries in primary schools and scholarships for secondary school education.

 UPFI plans to initiate creative, recreational activities in games and sports under this project to ensure social cohesion with other fellow children, happiness and wealth brain development, as well as to acquire and improve talents in game and sports for the children who are in and out of school. It is also to strengthen Children’s psychosocial well-being. Its specific experience in the use of recreational and creative means for psychosocial purposes, UPFI will focus on family and child centred approaches and an integrated approach including all children affected by war, this will facilitate the identification of child abuse case and provide remedy to protection initiatives.

 UPFI is conducting Children Peace teddy bear hugs project in partnership with Children-of- the-Earth, US based an educational non-profit and official NGO of the United Nations that strive to promotes; global consciousness and cooperation, multi-cultural understanding, spiritual values, ethical living skills and social responsibility, to collect and give out hundred of teddy bears, called peace bear hugs to children faced with conflicts. On 21st Sept 2007, International day of peace, children living in Labuje IDP camps in Kitgum district recently received over 100 teddy bears which were collected and sent by kids from Pulaski middle school, New Britain, Connecticut; Colchester Schools, Colchester, Vermont; and Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg, Vermont students in Vermont USA. The teddy bears were tagged with personal messages to show love and solidarity. Read more at Children of The earth .

Since 2007, UPFI has distributed over 1500 teddy bears to children living in IDP camps of Akwang, Labuje and Amida in Kitgum District as a gesture of hope, love and care for them.